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Artist 2 Artist is a blog series that gives you a unique view of artists, as they are interviewed by another artist, it gives you a different perspective on the role of an artist and their craft, their business and their personal hustle.

6 degrees of separation, I have read a few articles regarding social media about having over a hundred friends and not ever meeting one of them, but Nathan and I have several friends in common and I have been a fan of his work for sometime now, we went back and forth with some dates and finally penciled something in and met at his house for an interview and I cant wait till you get to hear the passion of this talented artist.

 Nathan Yungerberg is a Brooklyn based playwright. His plays: The Son of Dawn and Pousada Azul have had readings at the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, The Lorraine Hansberry Theater and Z Below in San Francisco, The National Black Theater, Classical Theater of Harlem and the Blackboard Reading Series in NYC. Nathan was a season 4 playwright for The Fire This Time festival, which featured his ten-minute play Orchids and Polka Dots. He participated in the 3rd annual 48 Hours in Harlem Festival with his ten minute play Brush Strokes, which went on to win the third annual Ken Davenport 10 minute play festival in NYC. Nathan is also one of six black male playwrights commissioned by The New Black Fest for HANDS UP: 6 playwrights, 6 testaments.

Nathan Yungerberg Artist 2 Artist

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