Artist 2 Artist

Artist 2 Artist - Mariah Sinea - New York City-based artist, designer, and creative director

Artist 2 Artist is a blog series that gives you a unique view of artists, as they are interviewed by another artist, it gives you a different perspective on the role of an artist and their craft, their business and their personal hustle.

 I met Mariah on a personal project of mine, she had this look in her eyes you could just tell she was intelligent and artistic, fast-forward to 2015 and I have to say Mariah is super talented and her artist's eye is so illuminating. I can't wait until her work is center stage in her own show, I encourage you to visit her website browse and send her an email to purchase a piece for your walls, and spread the word.

 As a New York City-based artist, designer, and creative director, one can tell that Mariah Sinea Johnson has always been the curious and creative type. At an early age, she discovered her love of the arts and has been pursuing her passions ever since.

 Mariah Sinea’s work is inspired by daily life in the City, world history, art movements, fashion periods, film, music, and interior design.  Anyone who has had the privilege of working with her can attest to the fact that she is destined for a bright and fruitful future in the art world.  

 After graduating Magna Cum Laude from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Mariah Sinea has had many opportunities to expand her knowledge and share her talents with those she has worked alongside.  She prides herself on continuously sharpening her skill sets by pushing herself to paint, draw, and design with new techniques and mediums.

 It is Mariah’s mission in life to not only grow as an artist but to inspire as many people as she can through her radiant spirit and brilliant art.

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Instagram: m.sinea_art

Twitter: @MariahSinea